Disinfectant Water Series “MAMA SHUSHU”

Water-based and Safe Disinfect and stay healthy!
Let’s smile together with “Shushu”

Taking your kids to the park? Going to amusement parks with many other children? After those fun outings, have you ever got worried your children may had been infected with viruses or bacteria?

With older children, you can tell them to gargle and wash hands properly once you are at home; but with smaller children, it’s not easy to rinse off viruses and bacteria. You don’t have to worry anymore! For conscious moms and dads like you, we have made a disinfectant and deodorant spray, using water instead of alcohol. Mama Shushu is made from the “Hypochlorous Acid”that dentists use as oral disinfectant.

With water, Mama Shushu protects your children from bacteria and viruses.

3 Features of Mama Shushu


Suitable for young children to disinfect mouth and hands who cannot gargle and wash hands properly

Mama Shushu, though it is water-based, instantly disinfect (inactivate) all types of bacteria and viruses, including flu viruses, norovirus, salmonella bacteria, E. coli 0157:H7, mycobacterium tuberculosis, SARS, MRSA, herpes simplex viruses, adenoviruses, etc.
Note: This product is not mouthwash.


Also functional as a deodorizer to refresh your rooms in the morning

Mama Shushu very effectively kills bacteria and germs which are the origin and cause of bad smells. So it also works as a deodoriser against odourof sweating and body, cigarette, organic waste, etc.


Safe because it is water-based

Mama Shushu is a water-based liquid that principally contains the Hypochlorous Acid, a component that is naturally generated inside human body. There is no worry for secondary effects or allergy because it is not medicine. It is gentle to skin and it is not sticky either. You can safely use Mama Shushu like normal water without diluting it,

since its only slightly acidic (pH6.0 – 6.5) state will not cause trouble to human body.

Besides, Mama Shushu is an environmentally friendly product that will become water after it disintegrated microorganisms like bacteria.

Many other uses of Mama Shushu

You can use Mama Shushuto anything that you can put some water.

For example…

●Disinfect baby bottles and toys
●Deodoriseboots and shoes
●At outdoor activities with little access to water
●Disinfect and deodorisekitchen tools
●Prevent odourwhen drying laundry indoors
●Disinfect your hands after changing diapers
●After cleaning up vomit
●Disinfect tableware and dining tables
●Clean vegetables and fruits
●Deodorise organic waste

Q1. Why can you recommend Mama Shushu as a dentist?

I use Mama Shushu at my clinic because its main component, the slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water (or slightly acidic electrolyzed water), is widely used at dental clinics due to the outstanding characteristics. It is safe, it is user-friendly, and above all, it has a broad spectrum as a disinfectant (it is effective to a wide variety of microorganisms). When selecting medical materials, we dentists always care for those that: (1) are safer, (2) have disinfecting effect, and (3) have as little smell as possible. The slightly acidic hypochlorousacid water (or slightly acidic electrolyzed water) is also excellent in these aspects.

I used to use the “sodium hypochlorite”before, but it needs to be handled very carefully and it has a medicine like peculiar smell. When I was looking for an alternative material, I took notice of the slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water (or slightly acidic electrolyzed water) that came into use by the food industry and some hospitals and clinics.

The hypochlorous acid is a natural disinfectant inside human body. It is generated by white blood cells when they disintegrated and killed microorganisms like bacteria. The slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water (or slightly acidic electrolyzed water) becomes water (H2O) after disintegrating germs and will be emitted outside the body. It won’t affect on a human body and is safe even to be used in the mouth. Furthermore, it has quite outstanding features: it is safe, it can be used without diluting it, and it has little smell, while it is as effective as the sodium hypochlorite. The dental industry is increasingly introducing the use of the slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water (or slightly acidic electrolyzed water). It is safe also in the sense that it keeps the slightly acidic (pH6.0 – 6.5) state that causes little trouble to human body. Its broad spectrum as a disinfectant is equally noteworthy.

I highly recommend that everyone uses Mama Shushu as an oral disinfectant and deodoriserto feel fresh every day.I bet people will find many more uses of Mama Shushuin everyday life because there is no need to diluting it.

Q2. How are you using Mama Shushu at home, especially with your young daughter?

When we get home, we wash our hands and apply Mama Shushu on the hands; we gargle and apply Mama Shushu in the mouth. Considering that bacteria and viruses enter the body mostly through the mouth, it is very important to disinfect the mouth and to wash hands. Nowadays my daughter can already gargle, but when she still could not do well, we sprayed Mama Shushu in the mouth to disinfect it. Just please note that it is not drinking water.

The above is agar cultures of E. coli, one with Mama Shushu(1cc) and the other with the alcohol (1cc), after 72 hours left in a device that controls temperature (25°C) and moisture (70%).

* Source: Animal Research Center of Yokohama City University School of Medicine (JAPAN)